News Item: Huntex, a huge hit with archery at Nelsons Creek in Paarl
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Saturday 22 September 2012 - 18:06:15

Huntex, currently on the go at Nelsons Creek in Paarl, had seen a few thousand visitors by mid morning today, according to the event organisers. Archery has a prime spot as you come into the complex. The first 100m or so of the event consists of mini archery ranges and dealers tents with many members assisting in manning the stands. The Nelsons Creek Archery Club, running a stand offering an introduction to archery and practical coaching had a constant stream of visitors, keeping the instructors busy and according to Louis Nel of the club, "stands to get a number of new members". Recurve, compound and traditional archery was being demonstrated, as well as an innovative "shoot the disk in the air" archery with traditional bows. The show is being held at the Nelsons Creek Wine Farm in Paarl, until Monday.

Louis NEL of the Nelsons Creek club in Paarl manning the club stand.

Klaus SCHNACK, who recently qualified as an instructor, demonstrates the key elements of a bow to an interested youngster. In the 10 minutes or so that Klaus was observed, he had introduced the sport to 12 people, many who were thrilled with the the sport and almost all the novices commenting that "it looks much easier than it is"

It was a lot of fun watching traditional bows being used for recreation and those who participated in the shooting shared in the fun. Traditional bows are used, with fletches that prevent the arrow from travelling more than 20m. A rubber disc is then thrown into the air, and the archers attempt to hit the moving target.

Traditional bows being used to shoot at a flying disc. The young lass in the middle of the group of three was the winner of the round, snagging 3 hits out of a possible 12.

See if you can spot the disc in the air as the trio release their arrows. Note the large rubber fletches which slows the arrow down and prevents it from travelling further than 20m

Photo's by Alfredo Lobo Das Neves

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