News Item: Spotlight on Vincent Mahlasela who has been shooting for three months and shoots a 1300+
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Monday 07 April 2014 - 12:37:59

For more than a decade, Vincent Mahlasela has been working behind the counter at archery stores. Customers would walk in and ask if “there is anyone who could help”, assuming that he knew nothing about our sport. In December he had enough and picked up a bow and started training for the 64th SA National Archery Championships. Within weeks, he was averaging a score of 1300 in the 1440 round, a score that many have strived to reach for many years. And he repeated that score once again in the 1440 event when he shot a score of 311-327-330-355 (90,70,50,30m) totalling 1323 with 65 tens and 25 x’s placing him 17th in the national championships. He then proceeded to shoot the World Ranking 720 round and scored a 678 with 38 tens and 16 x’s ranking him 12th. He made it all the way until the 1/8 when he came up against world Champion and record holder Seppie Cilliers, who eliminated him. Vincent has now claimed his 1300 pin and will wear it everyday when he goes to work, so that no one will ever ask again if there is someone to help…

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