News Item: SA Archery TV a hit and more to come with our reality show
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Monday 07 April 2014 - 12:40:54

Thanks to V i d e o News Services and Adolf K Spangenberg of the stmegroup, we were able to launch SA Archery TV at our National Championships. The clips which are available on a dedicated website as well as archived on YouTube attempts to give all a sense of what our sport is all about. And due to time and skills donated by some of our member presenters like World Record holder Seppie Cilliers and Para-archer Shaun Anderson, SA Archery TV will continue for the next three years, featuring our sport throughout the country. Coming soon on SA Archery TV is a reality show which will see a young South African black women, who has never shot a bow before, go through the trials and tribulations of shooting on the SA Nationals line. The segment, which will be aired for six minutes each Thursday, will be available to all to view.

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