News Item: New Archery Club at the CSIR to be formed by 44 employees in Pretoria
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Wednesday 09 July 2014 - 13:38:34

Johan Steyn Reports: The registration of an archery club at CSIR is on its way. An advert to determine interest at the CSIR has gone out and 44 employees have shown interest in the sport. The CSIR has a Wellness, Sport and Recreation body that oversee sports like running, Tennis, Squash and Soccer etc. The response was overwhelming with 44 employees mailing stating their interest. The CSIR policy requires a minimum of 10 employees to register a club. The additional members that are not employees that may join are unlimited. This coming Tuesday night there will be a meeting where the Archery will be presented to the managers as well as the employees. The challenge will be to integrate Golden Arrow into the CSIR to form the CSIR – Golden Arrow Archery Club. Golden Arrow has 23 members, not all active but is has a strong competency of National and Provincial level archers whom have shot National and Continental records already.

This in combination with coaches and instructors will add to the impact in handling such a large group and to attempt retaining the most of the 44 interested people. It may become a base for coaches to work targeted groups.

The CSIR shooting range is easy accessible in the well-known CSIR Conference Centre area with 24 hour security. It is central to Pretoria just off Meiring Naude Drive.

About the Range:
The range has one special attribute having a six meter high solid wall on the one side from shooting line to target. It used to be a fire arm shooting range. This wall acts as a very effective wind stop and bow tuning can be done at 50 metres with zero wind effect any time of the day. So Compound and Recurve Archers, this is your place for that final tune.

The club house has a lot of potential. There is ablution for both male and female separately.

I am excited and curious to see what archery is going to contribute to the Wellness, Sport and Recreation goals of the CSIR and how the CSIR as an employer and host will respond and nurture this drive.
Archers, Judges,Coaches and Administrators and Instructors that are interested to join CSIR- Golden Arrow can contact Kathryn Siller or Heather Mallory for further information

This news item is from South African National Archery Association
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