News Item: Official Opening of Club #100 CSIR Golden Arrows Archery Club in Pretoria & All Invited
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Tuesday 29 July 2014 - 11:12:22

This Saturday (2 August) will see the opening of the 100th Archery Club in Pretoria. The opening which starts at 9am for 10am will demonstrate advanced archers shooting some arrows followed by a demonstration of archers assisted by Coaches and Instructors. A “Bring & Braai” will follow the open day proceedings. The organisers have encouraged all to “Come and have fun and investigate this very exciting sport”. Interest parties can contact Johan Steyn for more information.

* Take the N1 North to Pietersburg from JHB
* Take the Lynnwood Road turn-off and turn right to get over bridge. Keep to the left lane.
* First Robot turn left and you are in Meiring Naude Drive.
* Your 3rd robot you turn right into the CSIR Convention Centre Area where you turn left at the circle.
* Make your way to the Soccer field.

In the mean time, the newly constituted club has been very active.

In preparation of this coming weekend’s Open Days, 2nd and 3rd August, some members of the old Golden Arrow Archery Club took up the job coaching this unexpected large group of people from who are interested in archery and joining the new CSIR-Golden Arrow Archery Club. Three sessions were offered over the extent of the weekend and 39 people signed the indemnity forms before taking up the bow.

The coaching sessions included a basic explanation of the draw procedure, aiming systems, the styles of shooting and safety. Finally they were introduced to the shooting line at 9 metres from the target and the fun started. It is quite amazing to see how fast people can settle into a healthy form and shooting tight group. Once they have found the right spot they put them there.

Photo: A snapshot of everyone present in the Saturday afternoon session

One individual that shot with amazing accuracy was Mr. Mesuli Mbanjwa whom had a natural way of shooting the bear bow hunting style using the arrow as guide. His groups quickly tightened as he found his anchor and aiming point. I also had the privilege of assisting his son Kwande to shoot his first arrows too.
I thank Heather Mallory, Hermann Roux, Kathryn Siller and Ellen Taute for assisting in this bee’s nest of archers this weekend. It is not possible for one coach to handle everything.

Photo: Mr. Mesuli Mbanjwa with his first day’s takings on 9 metres. As all archers know, nothing compares to the satisfaction of achieving success in a good round of arrows. (Bow and arrows in this photo sponsored by SANAA)

The presentation of a 5 year old with a bow was a scary surprise for a coach not being used to young students. Yet it was one of the highlights of both the archer and the coach’s day. The “audience also cheered as Kwande hit the target. Being in those first arrows together was special!

Photo: Kwande Mbanjwa showing Coach Johan just how strong and accurate he really is.

The Club is excited about next weekend 2 August where the 100th registered Club in South Africa’s range will be opened officially with casual shooting and a “Bring and Braai”. The Opening speech will be conducted by a surprise visitor! All archers and interested parties are welcome

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