News Item: Medal and team matches will close the 10th SA National Indoor Archery Championships tomorrow.
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Saturday 24 October 2015 - 22:02:31

In the largest indoor event ever held in South Africa, over 200 archers in 20 categories, took to the line over the weekend for their qualifying round.
With the focus on development, the Pretoria Boys High School, that have archery as part of their activities, joined the line of well seasoned archers and World Archery medalists to compete for the covered gold medal.

The event was particularly well supported by the KZN province who sent a large contingent and who were part of our members who used the opportunity to show off they new club and provincial shooting and team uniforms.

The standard of competition was extremely high, evidenced by the number of coin tosses. For example, the top three places for the CM category all had the same score, number of 10’s and 9’s after 60 arrows.

But the high standard never stopped the competitors from setting new national records as well as personal bests. Of course, the National Championships is always an opportunity to renew friendships and to make new friends.

Held at Pretoria (Tuks) University and hosted by the North Gauteng Archery Association, the event so far has been a grand event, with the medal matches taking place tomorrow with live feed and commentary TV. Supersport, as part of the Sascoc initiative, will be covering the finals and will air the 52 minute event four times in the next month. The re-broadcast times will be advised on our website.

The final scores are available on this link, and photographs in our photo gallery and our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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