News Item: Frans Vorwerk archers first competition at Marks Park on Friday the 13 November : All Invited
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Sunday 08 November 2015 - 17:05:50

Since introducing the sport last year the school now has 20 children in the club, with 16 shooting quite well. In addition to these there are two cerebral palsy children. The youngsters practise three time a week, shooting five ends of three arrows each. A seeding round is shot followed by an elimination round – the prize for the winner is a can of Coca Cola.

In addition to these 20 children, there are numerous others who are involved in archery, but are still working on therebands – starting at the very weakest and building up to the stronger resistance ones. When they can handle the stronger therebands, they will then be introduced to a bow. Even amongst these children there is an excitement as they gain sufficient strength and motor skills to move to the next level of thereband.

Archery as a sport is been driven by the vice principal – Mark Lynch – and he is busy arranging shoots against Marist Brothers Linmeyer for next year.

It looks as though they have been able to get a parent to sponsor their shirts and caps, which will also enhance the status of archery in the school. The aim of the school is to offer five para-olympic sports at the school in which their children can excel and perhaps mature to participate at that level.

They will be holding their first competition at Marks Park on Friday the 13th of November to determine the top archer in the school. On the 28th of November the Frans Vorwerk archers will be joining the archers from the Parkhurst Primary School, in the first school league. This event will be held at the Marks Park Club from 9:00 a.m. Spectators are more than welcome. See the December issue of the SA Archer for more information.

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