News Item: 28th of November will be the first school league event Parkhurst vs Frans Vorwerk School
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Sunday 08 November 2015 - 17:09:39

Archery at the Parkhurst School continues to grow. Due to school commitments and holidays we do not always get to run the scheduled lessons. Despite this we now have 15 competent youngsters that are transported by the school to the Marks Park Archery club on Saturday mornings where they spend 3 hours shooting. Saturday mornings are a lot of fun with scoring taking place (their maths is also improving in leaps and bounds now) and the competition is taken very seriously. The top scorer of the day wins a lollipop.

The Feathers and Arrows programme was started in July and at the start of this school term, the participants were awarded their red feather badges. This was done at assembly in front of their peers.

Many of the children from this group will be moving on to high school at the end of this year, but we hope that they will be keen enough to stay with the sport and possibly help us to introduce archery as a sport at their next school.

We are busy developing the next group of 15 youngsters. They will be issued with their “archery” uniform in the next week or so and before the end of term will hopefully also have done their red feather test – exam timetable willing.

Saturday the 28th of November will be the first school league event that we will be holding at Marks Park where the Parkhurst Primary School will compete against Frans Vorwerk School.

Would be great to see some of our senior archers attending this event to support and / or assist. Read more in the November issue of the SA Archer.

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