News Item: Sanaa officially welcomes 3DI Target SA as members of the National Federation
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Posted by SANAA
Tuesday 01 December 2015 - 09:13:06

Following the decision taken at the April 2015 Congress, 3Di Target SA were formally welcomed as members of the National Federation at a meeting in Johannesburg last week having completed the formal membership process.
According to Selwyn Moskovitz, the National Federation President, the inclusion of 3Di Target SA unites all amateur archery in South Africa under one umbrella, allowing our sport to be fully representative of all disciplines and to present a united archery body to the sport authorities.
“3Di Target SA covers a broad range of recreational archery and their membership is warmly welcomed as a contributor to developing our sport in Southern Africa”, he added. “The process of integration at club and provincial level will start immediately with one of the benefits being the inclusion of the NASP SA program, as an affiliate of 3Di Target SA”. Full details of the membership can be found in the December edition of the SA Archer.

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