News Item: Vivien de Klerk & Karen Hultzer earn Olympic Solidarity Bursary for Namibia Training Camp
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Tuesday 08 December 2015 - 04:19:16

Recurve archers Vivien de Klerk and Karen Hultzer have earned an Olympic Solidarity bursary organised by World Archery that will see the two archers participate in a week long training camp run by the World Archery Federation. The training camp takes place in Namibia in the week preceding the Continental Games, Rio Qualifying tournament and 2016 World Games qualifier. Accompanying our athletes will be the recurve National Coaches Chairman, Johan Steyn. Both archers have exceeded the World Archery minimum qualifying score for Olympic qualification for the Olympic Round (610). Sanaa congratulates the team on their achievement.

The original article may have given the impression that the Marks Park Championships was a qualifying event and that the Olympic Solidarity bursary was earned and related to that event. This is not the case, as the Marks Park Championships was only the cut off date for team selection for the Continental Championships and unrelated to the bursary. Qualification was over a period of time and the bursary cut off date was earlier in November. We apologise for any misunderstanding.

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