News Item: Vegas Shoot Participation
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Sunday 17 January 2016 - 19:29:17

SANAA want to wish all archers participation in the Vegas Shoot from 29-31 January 2016 in Las Vegas, USA well.

The Vegas Shoot, known as the largest and most prestigious indoor archery tournament in the World, attracts novice to Olympic archers from around the Globe and includes 3-intense days of no error competition.

The weekend competition includes the traditional 3-spot 20-yard “Vegas Round” that made this tournament famous. Attendance in 2016 is expected to reach 3,000 archers and thousands more spectators.

SANAA Archers participating:
  • Gerda Roux
  • Danelle Wentzel
  • Jeanine van Kradenburg
  • Frans van Kradenburg
  • Amanda Viljoen
  • Johan Viljoen
  • Sean Nel
  • Gabriel Badenhorst
  • Werdi van Staden
  • Redge Grant
  • Nicholas de Klerk
  • Jarod De Klerk

Have fun and enjoy.

This news item is from South African National Archery Association
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